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Contributing Guide

Thank you for wanting to contribute to the Decompilation Wiki! Below are some simple tips to make requests for changes easier to review for the community. Currently, the wiki is still in early development, so any PR is welcome.

If there are ever questions on good contributions, opening issues and discussion on Discord are the best mediums for feedback.

Finding Places to Help

Since the Decompilation Wiki aims to categorize and house a wide-ranging field, help is always needed to add and keep up with new content. If you are looking to contribute, but are not sure how the GitHub Issues listing is a great place to start. Any issue is a candidate for contribution, but ones marked as help wanted are likely the easiest to complete for newcomers.

Additionally, the wiki has a series of decompilation-related listings that constantly need unknown items added to it. Some include: - full decompilers - tools - blogs - talks

If you are aware of any unlisted items in these, it is highly appreciated for you to make a PR to add them.

General Contributing Guide

To make a change, open a PR on the GitHub repo after forking and making a branch. There are two types of changes you might make while contributing to the wiki:

  1. Adding a listing to a new decompiler/tool/blog/...
  2. Updating a section regarding fundamental or applied research

The best way to make PRs for these types of changes are different and found below.

Tool Listing Change

When making changes to this area try to include three things: 1. A link to any high-level description of it (papers are ok). 2. Tags relevant to the tool (see sections like Community Blogs) 3. Tool source link if open-source

PRs in this category require no justification and will very likely be merged after a simple review of the content.

Research Area Update

Changes to research areas require a little more than tool changes. If the change is a simple typo, no justification is needed and the PR will be accepted.

However, if the change is more content-based, then it will require more explanations. When making changes here, it will be important to either include a citation or a well-thought-out argument against current wording/posturing. Any links to community discussions are always appreciated, such as Reddit threads, Twitter threads, or blogs.

Additionally, any PRs that require larger discussion will likely be tied to a Discussion post on GitHub.

Thank you for your efforts to improve the Decompilation Wiki!